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You could earn very good TAX FREE Income with Paws II

Banks currently pay 1/4 % Per Year interest, less than inflation.


We have gained over 50% in just 2 months"

Paws II

The main service is Paws II.

Paws II Results from 30th Sept (start) to 7th December is 50% Strike Rate and + 53% Return on Investment.  In that time there were 18 bets.  

Results of those advised are below.


Paws II  is for AW Maidens ONLY and is not part of Power Selections paid for service. 


Paws II  method is very strict and there as there is not All weather racing every day, there will not be a selection every day.  


Paws II began for subscribers on  September 20th 2021. 


IF you like FEW bets and like to have a go and make a profit, this is the service for you.   


Minimum Starting Bank should be 30pts for Paws II

Recommended Starting Bank 50pts.  

Ideal Starting Bank                100pts.  


Paws II £29.95 per month


Got Problems?

If you need to unsubscribe for any reason, you can do so here.