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Power Selections

Power Selections.    


Selections are found using my proprietary ratings methods and years of experience in racing and reading form.

Up to 2 horses may be shown for each race we do.    The strongest will be numbered one and if very strong, indicated as such.  If a horse is great value, that will also be indicated.

You can if you wish do forecasts and tricasts and combinations of the same.

I like to do multi bets because for low stakes they can pay enormous amounts of money.  






General Advice

What Price to Take.

Take the price, preferably at BOG as early as you can.  If you can't get Bog take the price anyway.   If you are going for more value selections or for some reason can't take a  price, then BSP is better than SP by a long way.  You should NEVER take SP.  SP is the industries machine to take value out of all selections.  It is designed to take your money by tilting the odds in the bookmakers favour and also incorporates an "Over-Round".  

The shorter the price, the most likely that the value has been removed.  The wisdom of the masses theory is at it's most accurate the more people choose a certain outcome.  This tells you that longer priced horses are likely to provide the best value IF you can find a selection at the longer price. 

Don't be afraid to back 2 or more horses in a race if you wish, if two horse are given.   There are various ways you can do this.

You can dutch the horses, so that whichever wins you return the same.

You can stake the shortest priced horse to simply return your stake and the other selections to profit.

You can back each horse equally.   In which case you are best off when the longest priced selection wins.

You choose the strategy that you are most comfortable with.  For some that is just backing one horse.  You may of course back every top rated horse or pick the best value horse from the top 2 or 3 rated.  Or narrow it down to just the top rated horse, when it is deemed value.