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New Service

In the past to get all my selections you had to join various service to cover what you wanted.  Now with all new and improved algo's, you get National Hunt, both Chases and Hurdles and All Weather Racing.  Flat Turf will be added in the 2022 campaign.

Power Select leads the way.


Example below.

Power Select Start Date Friday 17th September 2021

17th Sept 2021PlaceTimeRace TypeSelectionResult
 Newton Abbott3.38Hc HurdlePercyL @ 67
 Kempton6All WeatherLos CamachosWON 12
 Kempton7All WeatherCochise4th 11
 Kempton8All WeatherCatch My Breath5th 19

18th September 2021

18/09/21Wolve4.55All WeatherSurewecan EW Nap 3rd 41

Sunday 19th September 2021

19th Sept 2021Plumpton2.4Hc HurdleGlory and FortuneWON 3.75
    Constancio2nd 4.5
    Forecast AdvisedW 9.2
 Plumpton3.1Hc ChaseDogon2nd 3
 Plumpton4.1Hc HurdleImphalL 3.75
    My Boy James EWL @ 51

September 20th 2021

 Warwick3.35Hc HurdleMorramanLost 
    DayBreak BoyLostEW
 Warwick4.1Hc ChaseGo As You PleaseW 4.3Nap
 Warwick4.45Hc HurdleBean In TroubleLost 
 Wolve5.3All WeatherStreet LifeW 5 
    Expert Opinion21EW
 Wovle7All WeatherBig Boy Bobby3rd 4.5 
    BasilicataWon 11EW
 Advised EW Double5.30 and 7.00  
    All 4 horses.  
    Win A & DWON 
    Place A & DWON 
    Place A & CWON 

21st September

 Warwick3.55Hc ChaseCobra De Mei 
    Haul AwayWon 4.3
 Lingfield1All WeatherMiquelonWon 4
    Delicate Kiss2nd 10
  3.1All WeatherArabescata 
  4.2All WeatherMafia Power EW3rd 6

22nd September

 Perth2.25Hc ChaseFresh New Dawn2nd 7
    Rebel LeaderW 6
 Perth3Hc HurdeJustatenner 
    Drumless WaterW 6
    Chocdaw Caitlin 
 Perth3.35Hc ChaseGet Out The GateLost
 Perth4.1Hc HurdleGoa LilW 4.3
 Perth4.45Hc ChaseSword of FateW 7
    Fort De L’Ocean 

September 23rd 2021

23rd SeptPerth3.4Hc ChaseBoys On Tour3rd 6 
    Brelan D’AsLost 
 Perth4.15Hc HurdleBeenoW 9NAP
    Go Fox  
 Wolve7.2All WeatherKatheefaLost 
 Wolve8.3All WeatherNight MomentLost 
    Diamond BayW 2.75 

24th September 2021

24th SeptemberWorcester4.02Hc HurdlePageroW 6NAP
    October Storm  
 Newcastle6All WeatherFennaan4th 9 
    Wild Hope  
 Newcastle8.3All WeatherCanford Bay 4pl EW4th 21 
    Blackheath3rd 12 

September 25th 2021

25th SeptemberMarket Rasen4.3Hc HurdeRowland War4th
    Valantino DancerW 6
 Chelmsford7.3All WeatherOpen WideW 11
    Nigel Nott 
 Chelmsford8.3All WeatherLa Roca Del FuegoW 2.97
    Jorvik Prince3rd 10

September 27th

27th SeptemberNewton Abbott2.37Hc HurdeDocpickedmeLost
    Voodoo DollLost

September 28th 2021

28th SeptemberWolve6.3All WeatherEagle CreekW 8
    Arabic Charm 
 Wolve8All WeatherFierospeedW 5
    Arcadian Nights 

29th September

29th SeptemberKempton6.3All WeatherKoemanLostNAP
    Big Kitten 4 plc3rd 13 

30th September

30th SeptemberWarwick3.45Hc HurdeHowdilyoudo2nd 6 
    Dylan’s Sea SongLost 
 Lingfield6.1All WeatherTorbellinoLost 17 
    Son of RedLost 
 Chelmsford7All WeatherMaajdabLost 
    Pop DancerLost 
 Chelmsford7.3All WeatherMotowaafeqLost 
    Commit No Nuisance EW 3 plc2nd 15 
 Chelmsford8All WeatherStreet ParadeLostNAP
    Stone Circle2nd 10 
1st OctoberFontwell1.5Hc HurdleChampagne CityLost
    Thibault2nd 8.5
 Hexham3.3Hc HurdleGlinger Flame2nd 5

2nd October

2nd OctoberFontwell5.1Hc HurdleVorashann 
    Press Your Luck2nd 6
 Wolve7All WeatherNelson GayW 2.75
    Caroline Date3rd 12
 Wolve7.3All WeatherThorn 
    Flying DragonW 4.5

Monday 4th October

4th OctoberStratford1.45Hc HurdleCanesteroW 10NAP
 Lingfield1All WeatherMiquelonW 2.5 
    Baby Steps  

Tuesday 5th October

5th OctoberHuntingdon2.3Hc ChaseRomanor2nd 5.5
    High Noon 
 Huntingdon5.2Hc HurdleBlue SansLost
    Champagne Noir2nd 4.5

Wednesday 6th October

6th OctoberSedgefield2.13Hc HurdleKauto D’AmourLost
 Sedgefield3.58Hc ChaseBlazerLost
    Dr SandersonLost
 Kempton6.3All WeatherDiocles of RomeWon 13

7th October 2021

7th OctoberExeter3.05Hc HurdleSergeantWon 1.72
 Exeter3.4Hc HurdleSergeant PainterLost
    Mi LaddoLost
 Chelmsford5All WeatherNuboughLost
    True Hero2nd 6
 Chelmsford8.3All WeatherPledge of PeaceLost
    Can Can Girl EW2nd 13

Saturday 9th October

9th OctoberChepstow1.5Hc HurdleFrench CrusaderLost
    Valentino Dancer EW2nd 9
 Chepstow4.05Hc ChaseNot That Fuise 
    Manofthemoutain2nd 6.5
 Hexham2.1Hc ChaseScoop The PotLost
    Buddha SchemeLost
 Hexham2.45Hc HurdleDakota BeatLost
    JustatennerW 5
 Hexham3.55Hc ChaseCaptain CobajayLost
    First RevolutionLost

11th October 2021

11th OctoberKempton7All WeatherTiger CrusadeW 5.5
    Open Wide EW 2nd 11
    Mishal Star *3rd 11
    * listed to show 1.2.3 

12th to 16th October 2021

12th OctoberHereford3.23Hc HurdleSome Detail3rd 5NAP
    Morraman2nd 6.5 
 Newcastle5.3All WeatherGreengage  
    Pallas DancerW 6 
13th OctoberWetherby3.58Hc HurdleThe Bull McCabeLost 
    Native FighterLost 
14th OctoberWincanton2.2Hc HurdleSee The SeaW 2.1NAP
    Get Back Get Back2nd 4.3 
    Forecast AdvisedCsf 4.99 
 Wincanton3.3Hc HurdleCry Wolf2nd 6 
    Strike The FlintLost 
15th OctoberUttoxeter3.05Hc HurdleJarvey’s PlateLostNAP
    Bannixtown GloryLost 
 Fakenham4.33Hc HurdleEnvoy De La CourLost 
    Cremant2nd 4.3 
16th OctoberWolve6.3All WeatherCrazy LuckLostNAP
 Wolve7All WeatherThe TraderLost 
    Fox VardyLost 




Prices shown are the Bog Prices and in decimal as sent out, taking my mailing as the initial price.   

The first rated is the top rated, the second rated is the 2nd rated etc.  Being listed does not mean that it was a "Bet".  On mailing in comments, I may recommend a CSF or a EW double.  However on here I am keeping it simple but will make a mention.      Backing either the top rated or the 2nd top rated on it's own is proving profitable, whilst backing them both in each race is obviously also profitable and has a huge strike rate.  That is a a very simple strategy.   I will usually list a 2nd horse, sometime horses are non runners and then they are removed, unless I mail a replacement or an obvious replacement is evident in my mailing, they won't appear on here. NAPS are the horses I think best.

You should take Bog on your bets or at least BSP and should not do SP. That is playing right into the bookmakers hands, it will always be less profitable over the long term.

Some BIG Notables

Sept 17th to October 16th 2021

Los Camachos Won   12d

Basillicata Won and Placed   11d.

Advised EW double covering 2 horses in each of two races.   WON for very nice return.

Beeno                    Won 9d

Open Wide           Won  11d

Eagle Creek          Won 8d

Canestero             Won 11d

Diocles of  Rome  Won 13d

September 17 to October 16th 2021 RESULTS

17th September 2021 to 16th October 2021
Basic Method  +    78.29 pts  (@ £5.00 per bet = £391.45 PROFIT)
Total Service Profit    +  136.79 pts