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Want to stake Small and Win Big?

Focusing on the bigger races and the biggest prices.

Highlights Big Priced Winners.    No selection will be sent out that is less than 20/1 at at least one bookmaker. However you use Betfair and back at BSP on BETFAIR EXCHANGE.   We do not bet on Betfair Sportsbook, because they settle at industry SP.  

Great Value Specialised Service.

Latest Result

Tuesday 23rd August  2022

Betfair Raiders
3.30                    Czech Her Out       WON 65  BSP
Friday 26th August 2022
7.53                   Burton Lodge           Won 79.54

Friday 2nd September 2022

Betfair Raiders


3.03                    Abolish         Win and Place     2nd   4.72  (Very rare to do win and place on this service)


3rd September


4.05                    Look Out Louis       Won 16.76     (was 20/1 early on traditional but we back at Bsp.)


Thursday 22nd September 2022


4.03                    Ginger Jam              Won 13.5     (Was 40/1 early on traditional)


Monday 26th September 2022


 5.08                  Selecto                      Won  327.59  (125/1 on Traditional, also advised on Zephyr but as EW).

Our biggest win to date

Some Comments

Great stuff Allan!


Incredible win Allan, I saw the stupid price of 200/1 and I staked an extra £5 just in case, so that increased my profits massively.


Absolutely fantastic, we’re all set now no matter how long the next losing run is (I appreciate that in this service there are going to be long losing runs, so it is a case of being consistent, hanging in there and NEVER missing a bet because you never know which one is going to come in next).


Thank you very much for this truly unbelievable service :-)


This service really suits me because it is BSP. So it matters not what time I get on. Most others are price dependent so unless you get on straight away the price has usually gone. I get on at all kinds of weird and wonderful times, but I know I don't need to stress about getting a price with Raiders.

Now I have got the hang of it, I do enjoy this service actually, despite the long losing runs.

Thank you.


Betfair Raider £34.99 per month


Start Date 29th June 2022

Profit up to and including the 26th September 2022


My Explanation of this service

Please note BETFAIR RAIDERS is for patient punters ONLY.  If you are the jittery can't stand a loser type, then no matter how much Betfair Raiders makes, you won't because you will panic, quit or get bored.
I only send horses out that are priced at 20/1 or more at the time of sending BUT we only bet at BSP. on Betfair Exchange.  I do note and send the traditional odds but they are just for comparison.    
Think on, a 20/1 horse represents a 5% strike rate.  We aim to do better and our average odds are way over that but don't expect a big strike rate or anything other than long losing runs.   You may expect a handsome profit though.  You can stake small and win big.

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