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Four Fundamentals of Handicapping

To become a successful All Weather Expert bettor, there are many challenges that one has to go through. These challenges are however not impossible to overcome. With the right tricks and understanding the four fundamentals of handicapping, you can be successful in making a winning bet at All Weather Racing UK or any other live race track.

Having a keen on these handicapping fundamentals will significantly improve your chances as a bettor. Here are the four key fundamentals that you should look for in every horse race.


Speed is one of the most important considerations that you don’t want to miss out when you are studying on which horse to bet on. After all, all types of races are basically about speed.  Examine the speed of the horses when they are on track to get a general idea of which horse is fastest.

How you estimate the speed of a horse is up to you. Whether you want to look at the finish times or the fractional times of the race. The main purpose is to accustom yourself to the speed of the horses.


The next fundamental is pace. When you are aware of the running styles of the horses you will have a better idea of the race and how it will end (not definitely). Studying the pace of a horse involves learning about how the horse runs and in which position it will be in.

If you are a starter, we recommend that you make yourself aware of the three classes of runners- Front runner, closer, or Pace presser/stalker. The front runner usually takes the lead. The Closer comes from the rear and attempts to catch the front runner. The pace presser/stalker usually runs in the mid, just near the leader.


Another important fundamental is form. This means you need to learn about the overall health and wellness of the horses that you are interested in betting on. The easiest way to evaluate the health of a horse is by examining its recent performance.

In an All Weather Racing, it’s best to rely on your betting strategies than your luck. And so, it is best to eliminate those horses from your list that have been struggling in the recent races, even if they are your favorites.


The next fundamental on the list is class- the levels of racing. Classes are made to ensure that the horses on the same track are of similar ability and not overmatched. Sometimes problems occur when trainers insist on putting their horses on the race track where it doesn’t belong.

You should be aware of the hierarchy of classes, and which horses belong on which racing circuit. This way you can eliminate those horses that aren’t running on the appropriate level of competition. 

How have these fundamentals helped you? Want to master these fundamentals of handicapping? Start off by creating your account at Tipster Master. Before you begin betting your real money we can help you improve your handicapping skills and other betting skills. With us, you will start betting like an All Weather Expert bettor in UK.

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