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How to make £8500 in 6 months! Starting Month, £5.00 per bet

How you can become a PRO Gambler and get the things you want in life.
Having looked at the results I recommend a bank of at least 50pts. 75pts is better and 100pts is perhaps a bit too much but is a nice luxury.
Becoming a pro a betting if you don't have much to start is just about scaling up but it's important you do that in the right way.
Lets say you start with just £5.00 per bets.  AW Winners on average should make about 40pts a month, sometimes more, sometimes a bit less.  I don't envisage getting any losing months but I would be a fool to say it couldn't happen. Our aim is to win by the end of a the season.   In AW cases I consider November to End of April to be my winter season and May to end of October to be my "Summer AW" season.  It just helps regards organizing banks etc.   I know the official AW season start is different but that is immaterial. 
Anyway to win you need a plan, a bank and of course perseverance .
So lets look at the £5.00 thing.  These are averages of course but its a good place to start.  Of course you may round these figures, take some out and or increase your bank to 75pts etc. All that is up to you.
So as a personal business enterprise you need starting capital of just
Starting Bank  £5.00 x 50  £250.00
1st Month.       £5.00 level stakes.  Profit 40pts  equals  +£200
Second month Start.   £450 Bank.   Stake 450/50 =  £9.00 level stakes x 40 = Profit+ £360
Third month Start        £810.00 Bank  Stake 810/50  = £16.20  x 40 = Profit + 648.00
Fourth month Start     £1458.00 Bank. Stake 1458/50 = £29.16  x 40 = Profit  +1166.40
Fifth month Start        £2624.40  Bank. Stake 2624/50 = £52.48 x 40 = Profit  + 2099.52 (more than what a lot of people earn)
Sixth month Start       £4723.92  Bank.  Stake  4723.92/50 = £94.47 =  Profit  + 3779..13
So there you are over £8000 in profit in just 6 months from starting with just £5.00. As I said it is very unlikely that a month will lose, but if it does, we don't decrease stakes. That is not clever at all. 
At this point you have to make decisions about what you will do for the 2nd Season.  Personally I would leave £4500 in and take the rest out, so about £4000 out.  I would also increase my bank at this point to 75pts. It's a personal choice, one you make yourself.  Also don't get too greedy. The idea should be to eventually get to 100pt bank and at a capped stake, (Ie not more than X, your choice again.)
So the first month of the second season would be £4500/75 = £60 Stake x 40 = £2400 Profit. So you are into decent wage right from the off.
Second Month Bank,  £6900  and on it goes.  

So as a personal business enterprise you need low starting capital and your essential cost is just £49.99 per month. Can you get a shop or office for that?  No chance.

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