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EW Trailblazers

EW Trailblazers is a longshot selection method that used Bet 365 EW EXTRA feature.


I have seen horses on EW Extra at 20/1 over 10 places and win.   

This method primarily is looking for horses to place but we do land some big winners. Profits are great.   This is a regular return method with some nice big winning results. 


Friday 28th October 2022

EW Trailblazers
2.30            Conceal               25/1   7 places             Won 
3.05            Golden Town        14/1   6 places           Placed
4.15            Lady P                 19/1   7 places           Placed.
An alternative way of betting on these if you don't want or cannot use BET 365 is to do the WIN @ BSP and take a price as near to you can to that advised on the exchange for the places available.  A rule of thumb is, work out the return as listed.
For example, Conceal place return is 5/1 (6 dec).  To bet for the place, 5 BSP would be acceptable at the places required.

EW Trailblazers £34.99 per month

Example Results

Results and Analysis 10th of October 2022 to 28th October 2022

EW Extra Bet365 feature used.

Win Out  43  Rtn 64   pts + 21   Pts 
Plc Out  43  Rtn 85.4 pts + 42.4 Pts
P/L Total + 64.4 Pts in 18 Days. 


Back the horse to win at BSP and the place at place only

BSP Returns. 
Out  43  Rtn  163.85   P/L  + 120.89 Pts.  
120pts + in just 18 days for the win portion alone!  Now add the place profits too!

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