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How to make £8500 per month starting with a fiver

This example is based on a 40pt and a 60pt return a month.  Note some of our methods do way better than that.



OK this is how you could do it.   But you have to have the personal qualities required, if you don't then you wont because somewhere along the line you will do something stupid or quit.  Really though all you have to do is follow the rules, very simple rules at that.  You can do this.  You could be that man, the one who takes and not gives to the bookmaker.   Look, I don't like to blow my own horn, but i don't know of anyone that has created so many winning methods and I don't know of anyone who's tips can match my points profit returns. In fact I can't get a review site to take me on because they know I will leather the lot of them.    You are in good hands.

So lets look at the £5.00 thing.  These are averages of course for illustration but its a good place to start.  Of course you may round these figures, take some out and or increase your bank to 75pts etc. All that is up to you.  We will look at this at a 40pt return and then at 60pts.  (Chase Elite and Hurdles should exceed it, so it's a measure for both).  Of course if you start with £20 per bet, your life could be forever changed but you will need at least a £1000 bank to do that.  Tell me a better financial proposition than this!
So as a personal business enterprise you need starting capital of just
Starting Bank  £5.00 x 50  £250.00
1st Month.                   £5.00 level stakes.  Profit 40pts  equals  +£200
Second month Start.   £450 Bank.   Stake 450/50 =  £9.00 level stakes x 40 = Profit+ £360
Third month Start        £810.00 Bank  Stake 810/50  = £16.20  x 40 = Profit + 648.00
Fourth month Start     £1458.00 Bank. Stake 1458/50 = £29.16  x 40 = Profit  +1166.40
Fifth month Start        £2624.40  Bank. Stake 2624/50 = £52.48 x 40 = Profit  + 2099.52 (more than what a lot of people earn)
Sixth month Start       £4723.92  Bank.  Stake  4723.92/50 = £94.47 =  Profit  + 3779..13
OUR SEASON ENDS. BANK  £8503.05  So after just 6 months you now have over £8500

Now from a 60pt Return.  (This still is not nearly as high as we can get with Chase Elite)

1st Month, Bank  £250    £5.00 Level Stakes.  Profit  60pts equals + £300

2nd Month, Bank £550     Stake  550/50 = £11  Profit + £660

3rd  Month, Bank £1210  Stake  1210/50 = £24.20  Profit +1452

4th Month, Bank  £2662.  Stake  2662/50 = £53.24  Profit + 3194    (This is 1st Pro Level)

5th Month Bank   £5856.4 Stake  5845.4/50 = £117.12  Profit + 7027.68 (Second Pro Level is £100 per bet)

6th Month Bank   £12884 Stake   12884/50  = £257.68  Profit + 15,460.80 (Third Pro Level is £250 per bet)

Bank After 6th Months.  £28,344.  

Please note we are looking at examples only and used lower figures than we expect. 

Many people would stop at £50 per bet and aim to make about £3000 per month.  After all, that is a very good amount of money. 
Others would go on to stake £100 per bet for £6000 per month.
The well heeled would go to £250.00 for £15000 per month but it becomes an effort to get the bets on

I hope this has illustrated just how much you could make simply by have a bit discipline and perseverance.  For all the above, all you have risked is £250.

How much do you want to make?

The first thing to do is decide how much you want to make from this.  Be realistic, normal bookmakers will close you down very quickly if you regularly take large amounts of money off them.  So first rule, have a few bookmakers and spread your stakes around.  Bet at Bog if you can.  There are various exchanges now, for example Betfair of course, Betdaq, Matchbet and Smarkets.  Once you get to a large stake you may need to split your stake between these.  Don't think they won't shut you down either. Betfair shut me down, using a nonsense excuse, they said I was abusing offers.  Well first or all, how do you abuse an offer, you either take it or you don't. What they mean is you are winning using the offers and they don't like it.  However in my case it was nonsense because I don't do offers and hadn't done any!  I can't get any sense out of them, banned!

You can get large stakes on your horse at the course.  If you go full time, this is an option. Armed with solid selections, you can enjoy profitable days out at the course.

Once you have decided how much you want to make per month, you have to figure out your unit stake and the bank size you need.  You should really work to a 100 point bank.  Oh and by the way, you don't quit if you lose x percent of your bank.  That's what the bank is for.......but it should always be disposable money, not money you need for essential living costs.