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Legendary Five Fold

Legendary Fivefold is created by adding two fantastic longshots to an Olympic Multi Treble.


If you subscribe to all my active services, then you don't need an add on or extra subscription as the two will be indicated on my other services as they appear.

I am going to describe how and why you could win £50,000 + in one day!  
What has happened?  My services have always been good but now they seem to have moved to a much higher level. Some customers now run all my services because they don't want to miss out. That is a very satisfying vote of confidence in me and is very much appreciated.    Let me be clear, I spend hours working at this every day. During the day, late at night and in the early hours of the morning and later morning as well.    Usually takes 6 to 10 hours, per day, depending how many meetings there are.  
It keeps me sharp.  
Betfair Raiders runs to a better algo as does EW Trailblazers and my other services.  Many Betfair Raiders bets do place.  
The illustration below is to a £20.00 bet but you could do it for more or down to just 20 pence.  
What has opened the door to this potential mainly is Olympus Multi's.   With Trebles having such a great chance of winning and paying up to £120.00  + or more to a £10.00 Treble.
Of course there is not a bet everyday and of course even when we do have selections on Olympus Multi bets, there may only be one selection or two. In which case we bet the single or the double respectively.
So how do we get our £50,000 +?  Even just 20 pence pays well!  
How often will this bet which I am going to describe below win?   I expect multiple returns per year and  a few  "Jackpot" returns per year.  I expect about 5 to 10 in a full year with lots of lesser non jackpot returns along the way.  
Our Jackpot is £50,000 to £20.00.   That is £10.00 The Win and £10 The Place.  It is a Fivefold EW bet.
This is how we do it.  
There cannot possibly be a bet every day.  
To be a bet there has to be a Treble on Olympus Multi Bets.  So you must be subscribed to that service or it's a non starter for you right off.
Next I choose the best two, best priced horses of the day from my other services.  I will aim to find horses around and above the 20/1 mark, but I won't be a stickler, if a horse looks GREAT at 12/1 I will add it.  These two horses have to look Very Good at least, either to win or place. They will usually come from Betfair Raiders or EW trailblazers but could if the price is less than 20/1 come from Zephyr or AW Matrix.  
You do your Olympus Treble Multi-Bet as normal, this is a separate issue and not tied in to our "Jackpot" bet,  I would advice at about a 1/5 of what you put on your Olympus bet on your Jackpot bet.  Why? Because the chance of your Treble coming in is high.  So we don't want a losing 5 fold hitting us hard on our winning treble.  So if you normally stake £10 on your treble, I wouldn't go more than £2.50 EW on the fivefold. (For £5 out).  However it is up to you.   £10 out on the fivefold might be ok.  You will be hitting much bigger stakes on your treble in short order I think.  
Our "Jackpot" bet is the three horses from Olympus Multi-Bet and Two Horses from my other services combined in an EW FIVEFOLD.
Our three horses from Olympus Multi-Bets win and return £130.
Our next two horses win @ 20/1 
£130 x 21 x 21 = £57,330 JACKPOT
If the treble wins but one horses places from the other two. (Based on 1/5 Odds)
£130 x 21 x 5    =  £13650
If the treble win and both the other horses place.  
£130 x 5 x 5    = £3250.   Not too shabby!
Of course there is an immense variation in all this.  You may get £70 the treble and 40/1 or more the other two.
Even if all 5 horses place you will get a return.
FOR EXAMPLE.  From the top example but all placed would return about £650.  Wow guys.  
Obviously you have to be on Olympus Multi-Bet.    I will mark the other two selections on my other services as ***** IF THERE IS A TREBLE ON OLYMPUS. This alerts you to be on for the fivefold!
The stars are most likely to appear on Betfair Raiders or EW Trailblazers but could appear on one of my other services, if a price is less than 20/1.
I have not removed the need for you to be on all my services to get the 2 Legendary Big Shot Chances
You can subscribe to Olympus with the add on.  Or if you are already a subscriber to Olympus then you can just get the add on. 


Subscribers to Olympus Multi + with the add on to make up the legendary five fold will also receive strong selections from foreign meetings.