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Majestic Epona

Majestic Epona.     
Majestic Epona Service is set to be the Gold Standard in British Group Race Prediction.   
History.  Years ago I created two methods for computer both were great successes.  One Majestic, was a "Impact" Ai system that detailed the power of the many factors influencing a races outcome. This information was specific to class, race type etc.   The over riding factor was Class in Group Races. So this new service for Group races is heavily based on Class.   I also had a method based on Conditions, Speed and Form called Epona, this program gave ratings for the conditions of the race, form and speed.  Overwhelmingly, Speed was the crucial factor.   So this is also a major input in to Majestic Epona.  The very best animals are fast!  However we have to look deeper to put the icing on the cake.  Breeding,  what the horses genetic forebears have achieved, where, in what class, under what conditions etc is very important.  For example, you can have great class, great speed but if the horses is not proven for example over the distancer and going, (On the flat, they often are not in 2yo and 3yo races) you have to look deeper.   Breeding is that depth. 
Putting all these things together is what gives the Majestic Epona the edge we need in the best of British Races. 
This method is the sort of thing you would normally pay thousands a season for.   However I am not targeting rich footballers etc.  
We only have selections in Non Handicap Group Races and Listed Races on this service.
Some Results
MAY 2023
PTS OUT   37   Points Returned   123.30   Points Profit +86.3 Pts.  Returning 24 times = 64.8 %
ROI   + 332% Aprox
Longest Returning Run.  7.   Longest Winning Run   6
Longest Losing Run        2.  

Majestic Epona £250 for 2 months.

After 2 payments are made, no more payments will be taken automatically.



Majestic Epona to End of Flat Turf 2024 £450