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Olympus Multi +

I have been working hard developing an algo that is suitable for the race types I do not normally do.    I have recently been using it and coining it in. So I am giving you chance to get a piece of the action.
The method ONLY goes for the very strongest selections. Most are therefore favourites.
Because of the highly selective nature of the method, there is not a bet every day.
This method is designed SPECIFICALLY for TREBLES.   That is what we are looking for.  
On days where there is only one selection. We do the single
On days where there are two .selections   We do the double.  
On days where there are three selections   We do the Treble.  
If you want to anything else with them that is up to you. What I do if there is only one, I add it to a multi bet from my other services because these Olympus selections are almost certain to win.
We aim to get about 12/1 the treble op average off a treble strike rate of 50% or more.  You don't need to stake high.   Just a 5 quid treble should return £60 or more most of the time. 
OUR FIRST DAY OF SERVICE WAS ON SATURDAY 3rd December and we kicked off with a" WINNING TREBLE"

Olympus Multi + £44.95 month

Olympus + Legendary 2 for Five Folds and Add for current members of Olympus Multi+

Please read the page regards Legendary Five Fold

Olympus Multi is for nailed on selections to do a treble, double or single, depending whether there is one, two or three qualifying horses.

What you need is the extra two very strong big priced horses to make up an EW Fivefold.
So I will give an option for Olympus Multi.
As is.  Just the Olympus Multi Service
Olympus + For Legendary EW FIVEFOLD    
If you have already got Olympus Multi but do not have all my other services.  
Then you can Add On "Two for Legendary Fivefold".
Now these two extra options get you these extra two big priced horses when they appear only, no matter from which service they come from.  It does not give you access to other services selections that you are not subscribed to.
Note These extra two horses will only be sent when we have a Olympus Multi Treble on BUT you will receive strong selections from foreign tracks as they occur.   
We have currently only had 4 bets on Olympus Multi.  Treble Won, Single Won, Double Won, Double Lost.  6 winning horses from 8.
Also please note because of the big winning potential of Olympus + for Legendary Fivefold I cannot promise that I will continue doing it under the current terms on offer here.  It doesn't help me if I end up with people just doing this service because they are making so much money with it.   So I am taking a risk here and I am well aware that this could blow up in my face. If it does I will stop the service as is and do other terms for it.  
Note if you already subscribe to all my other services, you don't need this add on for Olympus because I will indicate the two when they appear on the service they happen to come from.
Sha Tin might be added to my services because frustrated with abandoned meetings I picked three there and all won.  I had to alter the method a little bit.  I might point out than although they were strong selections, those three would not have qualified for Olympus Multi's.  Non Treble Strength Qualifiers that are from foreign tracks will be sent as they occur to those that get the Legendary Two for Olympus Mult Bets. 

1st day results

12.00  Authorised  Speed    WON
12.27  Makin'Yourmindup    WON
 2.47  Knowsley Road           WON
Got Our Treble On Day One!

Some comments

Nice treble Alan  had £10  for a £91 return....Subs paid for on first bet :):) 


Legendary 2 add on, If you are already a Olympus Multi Subscriber. 19.95mth

Olympus Multi + Legendary Add On. £64.90 Month