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Occasionally a horse will pop up with everything going for it but still not fit the way my normal algo's/methods and they are rare.  
What is unique about them is that every single factor I look at is a PLUS.  In other words everything appears to be going for them AND the price is over what it should be.
I would not send these out at less than 6/4.  This ensures value.
There is not going to be a selection every day.
These are 100% nailed on selections that baring being stopped or being ill should romp away and win.
There is a yearly membership fee of just £25.00. 
With the selection I will show the current best price and my settle price, which will always be lower than the best price.  Value is already built in to the selection. All you have to do is take the price.
As these won't be every day and because they are very hard to find.   You stake for me £10.00 on the selection and when it wins you pay me at the settle price.



Please note this is a members only service.  The fee above is for 1 years membership.  However this is a stake for me service.


You will stake for me £10.00 on any and all selections I send you.  Selections will not be every day and rarely more than one. 

You will pay me at the settle price, which will always be less than the best price as I send it.

Terms and conditions apply.  None payment of settle price will result in self termination until fee is paid.   Large sums may be legally recovered.  

You can suspend service at any time for any amount of time you wish.  Just mail me before the selections have gone out.   If you are having difficulty due to some calamity or problem, let me know. 


Also available by subscription

Perfectos is part of the Special Reserve Plus subscription service if you prefer.