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Razor Rampage is Back!

I have created a new algo based on the the old Rampage method. This is new, powerful and updated.    
We used to make over 100 pts per months on the old Rampage, looking to do even better in the remainder of this Flat Turf Season.
Selections for today are ready to go. So sign up right now and don't miss out.
We only do handicaps.  The race has to qualify.   We back at level stakes, no selection is sent out at less than 9/2. We have up to 4 horses in each race.   Sit back, enjoy and watch the profits roll in. It is that simple!
Best to take the best price @ Bog as shown. If you can't take Bog, then simply taking the best price is better by far than SP.

Results So Far

1st Day Results
Ajero                 9/2
Good Birthday 22/1
Protaganist   13/2   Won 17/2
Victory Chime 33/1
Mr Wagyu           12/1
Spangled Mac    10/1
Summerghand    7/1    Won 15/2
Saleymm             12/1
Monday Sole  Razor Rampage Race  2nd Day Results
Granary Queen      13/2  
De Vegas Kid         9/2
Spanish Mane         7/1
State Secretary      6/1        Won 10/1
3rd day Result
Note as there was no flat racing on Tuesday. I did NH.  Lo and behold 2 winners from 2 races!
Heronord         10/1         
Vin Rouge         9/2              Won 
Mister Allegro   16/1       
Makthecat        12/1       
Genever Dragon      15/4  
One Touch               13/2       Won
Kolisi                          8/1  
Mi Laddo                    5/1   
Total Races To Date  5.  Wins in Races  5 (100%)  Points out  20.   Pts Returned  42pts.  Profit over 3 days + 22pts.  

Razor Rampage

This service was made for the flat, though I have been doing it over the jumps.  I have closed this service for the time being, whilst I collate all the results and make a decision

on whether or not to run it through the winter.    I only have so much time and currently my other services are taking up all of it.



Results Synopsis

Total Races To Date  5. 

Wins in Races  5 (100%) 

Points out  20.   

Pts Returned  42pts. 

Profit over 3 days + 22pts.