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Limited Places Available.

This is a SPECIAL RESERVE SERVICE giving the most powerful WIN chances possible at PRO LEVEL.  In an attempt to protect prices I have to limit the number of members for this service. To avoid disappointment and loss of opportunity I suggest you join as soon as you can. 

Sniper Method. Pay when you win.

Sniper Racing Method.
If you bet to very low stakes (ie pence), then this is not much use to you.
So read the below carefully.
Sniper Racing Method.    We aim very carefully and go for the kill!
I aim to provide 1-3 selections per day. Some days there won't be any selections.  
All selects will be at least NAPS. One may be a Super Nap.  Most selections sent out will be 2/1 or more at the time of sending.  I am going to be flexible about it.  It would be pretty stupid to pass up a  6/4 chance whom I calculate to be more like a 1/2
I will not use any race where there is an Odd On Runner in the race.   They will reduce our strike rate too much and we can't have that.  
All selection will have value BUILT IN.  That means that the odds offered are better than the "chance" as I have worked it out.  
There is no monthly fee because this is based on you placing small bets for me.   There is also a member fee, the price is £100 per year 
This is how it works.
(Please note instructions will also be provided with the selections when they are sent)
You will only place WIN bets for me.  I am not bothered about any EW portion that you may do.   
Assuming there is 
ONE Selection on the day                                                  You stake for me  £2.00 WIN  (Two Pounds)
Assuming there are two selections on the day.
On each single                                                                     You stake for me.   £0   Zero     
On the double                                                                      You stake for me   £2.00 
Assuming there are 3 selections on the day. 
On each single                                                                       You stake for me   £0      (Zero)
You will place a 50p Trixie Bet.  
This is 3 doubles and 1 treble.                                            Your Total stake for me is .50p x 4 = £2.00  
You can find Trixie Calculators online.  I will send you a link to one when you join. 
How the return is settled for my purposes.
1.  I advise you take the price as it is shown when I sent the selection out.
2.  However I will use for my part of the bet, the lowest odds @ the time of sending
     This ensures you should always get better odds than me.
All victories as defined above for my purposes will result in a request of money from you, that you can pay via PAYPAL  simply send to my email address.
Example.   I will always quote the best bookies odds I can find and the worst bookie odds I can find. 
1. We have 3 selections on the day.  You place a .50p Trixie for me.   (£2.00) Out.  
                                                  Best   Price @ sending.      Worst Price @ Sending
1.   Dogs can't catch horses.                3/1                                5/2     WON
2.   Horses eat hay.                               8/1                               6/1      WON               
3.   Cats climb trees.                            7/1                               4/1     WON 


The prices I use for calculation are in BOLD, you can see that they are  lower than the price you could of got.  This won't always be the case
as sometime all the bookies offer the same prices.  In such a case it should be very easy for you to take a price.
Assuming you put these on at Bog as a £1.00 Trixie for you and a .50 Trixie for me.   For a total of £6.00 out.   (A £1.50 Trixie)
You would get back  
£642  (Of which, £6.00 is returned stake)
The latter number being your profit.
You would be billed to pay me the sum of 97.75  (Which is the profit) of the .50 Trixie for me.  
Invoices must be paid on receipt there can be no excuse BUT YOU can suspend service at anytime.  If you are away, on holiday, ill, in hospital etc.  Just drop me a line.  You won't be sent the selections for the days you have suspended service and of course will not be billed for those selections.    I don't want to hear you were at your dead dogs funeral and missed the bet, or your bus crashed and you couldn't get the bet on.  I have heard all this sort of stuff before, where people miss bets for all sorts of reasons, especially when a big one comes in.  It may be BS or not, but I have done the work, put money in hand and expect my cut.  It's only fair.   So please let me know.  Look I will be reasonable but it's pretty obvious what's happening if people have "emergencies" only when they win. 
However.  I am a reasonable man, I want to keep members happy and I won't fall on you like a ton of bricks if you have a genuine reason for not getting the bets on.  It's not in my interests to alienate members and it isn't in members interests not to pay.   Why kill the Golden Goose?  It  is pretty obvious what's happening if a winning bet keeps not getting paid.  If you have pre-existing problems that can cause you to miss bets, let me know. 
Failure to pay will result in termination of service until the money is paid. As this service should make you thousands,  you are not going to want to be terminated. 
Also once you join,  this is a legally binding agreement.  Fail to pay for no acceptable reason, and a claim will be made through the courts.  Of course before going to those measures I will be reasonable.  Legal redress is a last resort.
Membership fees are not refunded in whole or part if you are terminated or self terminate.   There is no "credit" for any suspension either. 
I believe this is a great opportunity giving  you the Lions Share of any take, especially if you are betting at a decent level.  You will also note I will get little to nothing if I don't provide the winners. So you can be certain I will be providing the very best. 
Now lets be realistic.  There will be a goodly number of value winners.   There will be fair number of doubles, trebles are hard to get but we will get them and then we will have a very good pay day.  The chances for a treble are about 1 in 8. 

Sniper Racing Method

Please note that by joining this service you agree to pay me on request for bets won as described on this page. 

You understand that there is no refund in whole or part for any termination of service either requested by you or applied by myself

You fully understand that a suspension of service by yourself or myself for any reason, does not result in a credit of any sort.

You understand that failure to pay as requested on winning selections I sent to you could result in Termination of service and or legal action to recover the money owed,


Sniper Racing Method Membership 1 year £100.00

Membership FEE

The FEE above is a membership subscription for one year.  This gives you membership to Sniper Racing Method, it is not payment for selections or service.  It is for membership.   Actual fees for selections will depend entirely on the said selections winning.  You will only be requested  payment if you win as described and at the stakes for me described.   

This set up to be a significant advantage to you. 

You can suspend service for any period at any time before you receive the next selections.   You will not be charged for winning selections, whilst you are suspended.

So if you need time off for a holiday or anything else. You can email me and request a suspension of service.

Also available by Subscription if you prefer

Sniper is part of the "Special Reserve" and "Special Reserve Plus" services if you prefer.