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Sniper Results

Monday 24th July 2023
7.10             Hell Bent                                 15/8  Bet 365
8.10             Banned                                      5/2  Bet 365                                       WON    15/8 SP
8.00             Dandy's Angel                           3/1  Sky Bet    (11/4  Bet 365)          WON  9/4  SP
The Trixie is best placed at Bet 365.  I will use the Bet 365 odds or SP which ever is lower.  Doing the singles you should go for the best prices.  
You place for me a Trixie Bet @.50p line = 4 x .50p = £2.00.
Although you could do a Patent for your self, I recommend you put more on the singles than you do the doubles or trebles.   You do not stake anything for  me on these singles.
Members won 2 x Singles at the take price and one double.  My return was 1x .50p double at bold prices.  A request to members was made for just  £2.67.
Wednesday  26th July 2023
6.10                        Flying Kiss      7/4  Bet 365  SUPER NAP.    You place a £2.00 Win Bet for me.     Lost
27th July 2023
3.25                         State of Bliss  (Nap)                          4/1   Bet UK             Lost
4.22                         Nadim             (Super Nap)               2/1  Bet UK             WON 2/5.  We got 2/1 regards an Odds On Shot!!!!
Single Win Bets.   You place for me  zero.     For your single win bets take the price @ Bog if you can. 
Win Double           You place for me  £2.00 .                Your Best Win Double is Bet UK.   
No request for payment for this win to me
Friday  28th July 2023
We have two horses today.
You should bet as advised below.  Do the singles at more than the double.
7.50        Box To Box            4/1  William Hill, Bet Victor  and Pari Match.   Stake for me.  ZERO    2nd
8.25        Fact or Fable       12/1   Bet Victor    1/5 Odds 3 places. EW BET   Stake for me ZERO   3rd 12/1  (3.4pt Return)
Today you place an EW double.    Best at Bet Victor.  You stake for me 1 x EW double @ £1.00 per line =  £2.00 Out.  
EW Double WON
Profit from double @ £1.00 per line  =  £3.78
Please send me £3.78 request made.
Saturday 29th July 2023
4.00              Ganesha                    7/2      Sky Bet     Place for me   Zero    2nd
5.20             May Blossom              15/8    Sky Bet     Place for me   Zero   WON  15/8
5.35             Little Ted                      9/2     Sky Bet     Place for me   Zero   WON   4/1
For yourself put more on the singles than doubles or trebles.
Place a Trixie Bet  @ 50p per line = £2.00   for me.   This is 3 x .50 doubles and 1 x .50 Treble
Members got two nice single wins with no payment to me for that and a nice double.
Please send me £5.19p request made.
Sunday 30th July 2023
2.35            A Different Kind               2/1     888 Sport             Stake for me.  Zero                            WON
2.50            Witch Hunter                  10/1    888 Sport   1/4 Odds 2 places.  Stake for me.  Zero
EW Double.  Stake for me  £1.00 EW double.  Note both pay at 1/4 Odds the places
Best for your EW double is 888 Sport.
Witch Hunter didn't place so I request NO payment today.   
31st July. No selections.
Tuesday  1st of August
7.25     Presentandcounting       7/4        888 Sport                         Place for me Zero    Won   5/6
8.30     Sword of Fate                 5/2       William Hill.  Super Nap.   Place for me Zero    Won  15/8
Best Double is at Bet365.   
Place for me 1x £2.00 Double.   I settle at 7/4  and 5/2 or SP. Whichever is lower.
I settle @ 5/6 and 15/8.    £8.54 via Email was my request.  
Wednesday 2nd August  2023
3.20            Spark of Madness        10/3  Bet 365      Stake for me  Zero  Lost
4.30            Garde De Champs         5/2  Sky Bet     Stake for me  Zero   PU
3.45            Freak Out                      9/2  William Hill  Stake for me  Zero   Abandoned Meeting
Your Best Multi-Bet probably Sky Bet
Place for me  50p Trixie Bet.  This is 3 x 50p doubles and 1 x 50p Treble for £2.00 out.
I will settle at above odds or Sp which ever is lower.   No Request was made.  
Thursday 3rd August 2023
2.33      Tiger Orchid       13/8  Bet Fred/Bet365/Spreadex/Bet UK        Stake for me  Zero   2nd
7.30     Red Red Robin     3/1  Sky Bet/Bet365 and most other places Stake for me Zero   WON 9/2
8.00     Sly Madam          11/2   Bet 365/Unibet                                     Stake for me Zero    2nd
Best Multi is Bet365.  Next Best Bet UK looks like.  
Place a .50p Trixie for me. This is 3 x .50p doubles and 1 x .50p Treble. £2.00 out.   No fee requested.
Friday 4th August 2023
8.05   All In The Hips         7/2  Sky and most other bookies.     Super Nap.  Place £2.00 Win Single for me.  WON 9/2
Single Win Bet.
A request for £7.00 was made.  
Saturday 5th August 2023
7.00  Impressor        17/8   Unibet                              Stake for me Zero       Won   7/4
 8.30  Jaminoz            2/1   Sky Bet and others          Stake for me Zero       2nd
Stake for me 1 x £2  WIN Double.    Best Double @ Sky Bet.  I will settle at above odds or SP whichever is lower.
No for fee request made 


A word on Trixies.


 Bookmakers in the UK use the term Trixie to describe a bet that comprises 4 selections, as 3 x doubles and 1 x treble.  It is simply a way for you to

enter your doubles and trebles quickly.  Some countries don't do "Trixies" this only means they don't use that label.  You can still place 3 doubles as you wish and 1 treble very easily.  



First 12 days of betting (Real EXAMPLE)


From Singles


25selections.   12 Returns 

@ £10. per single  + £202.8Profit  


Doubles and Trebles  @ £5.00 per line

Total Out  £100.00 Out Return  £238.53 + £138.53 profit.

What happens with a Dead Heat?

Ok, so you one of our selections finishes in a Dead Heat

IF there are 3 or more horses in the dead heat and we only have a single bet,  I will make NO request for payment.  


Consider this,  I am only asking  a very small amount of money is staked for me, and at preferential odds to the member.

Therefore IF there are two horses in the Dead Heat and we only have a single bet for the day.    This fact is ignored and normal charges apply.

In the case of a double where both horses are dead heats,     I will calculate to half the odds or SP whichever is worse.  If there are 3 or more, I will divide odds by 3 etc. 

In the case of a double  where one horse is in a dead heat. I will calculate to half the odds or SP Whichever is lower. 


These rules apply to both Sniper and Super EW Doubles.