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Four Fundamentals of Handicapping

To become a successful All Weather Expert bettor, there are many challenges that one has to go through. These challenges are however not impossible to overcome. With the right tricks and understanding the four fundamentals of handicapping, you can be successful in making a winning bet at All Weather…

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Supplement Your Income by Betting Horses Online in UK

Most people fancy the life of a professional gambler- living a luxurious life, with an abundant of money and fancy cars. However, most professional gamblers don’t live this kind of lifestyle. They face lots of ups and downs and extended streaks to win a bet.

Fortunately, in horse racing, there ar…

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Bookies how and why they profit and how you win.

Everyone knows that most Bookmakers make a profit and that the vast majority of punters lose money to them.  It is said that bookmakers give back to the punter roughly 80% of what they take.   So 20% is gross profit.  Most of these organizations are huge and turn over millions of £ per year.

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What does all-weather gambles do to win their bet at horse racing?

Tired of losing money? Ever wondered why you are not winning while others are. What makes bettors win at horse racing, what’s their secret? Definitely, they are not given prior information about the future AW Winners or which horse is going to win, but they do share some things in common, and, we …

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Horse Race Betting Tips

Almost everyone loves watching horse racing, not only for the thrill in the racing track but also for the platform it provides to try one’s luck in winning extra cash from their bet. However, this betting game is not all about luck. You will need more than your luck to make a winning bet. While ever…

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